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Sphynx Cats

Amaze your friends and family with a sphynx cat or kitten from KurtsKats in Sunrise, Florida.


Acquire a loving and affectionate feline companion from our unique kittens and cats available.

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Feel accompanied at every moment with the sphynx kittens and cats from KurtsKats in Sunrise, Florida. With more than five years in business, our cage-free cattery has an exclusive selection of kittens for sale and ships nationwide.

Our two founders offer the most unusual pets in the world: cats that behave like parrots, dogs, and monkeys at the same time. Our sphynx cats are socialized from the time they are born and their vaccinations are always up to date.

Contact us in Sunrise, Florida, to receive unconditional love from our sphynx kittens available.